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Pacific Rim Cruises

Discover a variety of cultures and picturesque scenery when you sail along the Pacific Rim from the land down under, the beautiful islands of Hawaii, to the majestic Alaskan glaciers, and more! Sail to Tokyo, a metropolitan city thriving with sightseeing, shopping, and delicious cuisine. A visit to Kobe will show you the heart of Japan, from its mountains, shrines, to its famous Kobe steak.

Make your way to the South Pacific where you will be surrounded with hundreds of islands like Samoa, Lautoka, and Suva, destinations that are perfect for those who love spending time in nature and laying on the beach. Explore the iconic Hawaiian Islands of Hilo and Honolulu, whether you want to swim through the clear azure waters or hike around the volcanoes. Watch the sunset while enjoying a traditional luau.

Connect with Mother Nature in beautiful New Zealand, filled with lush greenery, mountain peaks, and rich cultural heritage. Auckland infuses European, Maori, and Pacific Islander culture, making this populous city buzzing with history and heritage. Sail to Wellington, the capital city, or Tauranga where you can swim with the diverse marine life in the outlying islands and reefs. Admire the architecture in Napier, featuring Art Deco design.

A bucket list is incomplete without seeing the awe-inspiring Alaskan glaciers! Spot a grizzly bear in Kodiak or enjoy the outdoors at the Sitka National Historical Park. A Pacific Rim cruise takes you from the Far East to tropical destinations and beyond, creating a memorable cruise around the world.

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